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An architect, graphic designer, illustrator, photographer and musician: This guy is the ultimate editor. You want a true bilingual editor? Even though his name is Sven and he looks kind of Swedish, ...or Dutch, ... he was born and raised in Mexico. Dude speaks German too, so make that a Tri-lingual editor!

There's no use trying to figure it all out ...

What is widely known is that he was able to turn his natural eye for story-telling, rhythm and composition, into a most successful career as one of the best and busiest freelance TV commercial editors in Mexico. Ask around.


Nowadays he calls himself a New Yorker, having moved up to Brooklyn in 2005.

In the US he has since worked for the most important major Advertising Agencies, both General and Hispanic Markets, and TV Networks.

Needless to say, Sven's talents aren't limited to TV commercials: He also does short films, music videos and documentaries. And not only can he also dance, but "he'll sing you a hell of a tune, he'll do bird-calls and imitate Bela Lugosi". Just like the guy in the movie.

In 2007/2008 Sven edited, wrote and co-produced CASI10, a short documentary film that premiered in the US in the 2008 Miami International Short Film Festival. In 2017 he edited the short documentary film HEROIN, premiered the same year at the TriBeCa Film Festival.

Sven studied Architecture, so his clean-cut appearance comes as no surprise. Neither do his great abilities in graphic and interior design, and photography. He also cooks the world's best Mexican black beans and flan. A killer guacamole too!

If you can't get a hold of him it may be that he's flying a friend or two over Manhattan along the Hudson River. He got his Private Pilot License in 2011 and is currently working on his Instrument Rating. Or maybe he's somewhere around riding his Triumph Bonneville.

He lives in West Orange, New Jersey (a New York City suburb) with Lorenza Remus, his wife for 25 years, and Skye, their 3 year old miniature dachshund girl.

Specialties: Creative Film/Video editing. Editorial Supervisor & Consultant.​ Post Production. Post Supervisor & Consultant. SVFX Supervisor & Consultant. Production and Production Coordination. Mexican black beans, flan and a killer guac (recipes upon request!)

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